Silencer News is an independent news site featuring news items about silencers and other firearms regulated in the United States by the National Firearms Act. Created in 2013 by a firearms attorney in Nebraska, Silencer News is a clearinghouse for industry news, product reviews, and national, state, and local legal developments relating to NFA firearms.

Although some news items may discuss breaking news about recently passed legislation or new regulations, you should not rely on these stories for legal advice. If you are not sure about the law or how to apply it, please be sure to consult a competent attorney in your area.

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Editors and Contributors

Shooting through the Kestrel 5.56

Dick Clark is publisher and editor-in-chief of Silencer News. Originally from the New Orleans area, Dick is an attorney and political troublemaker currently living in Nebraska. He’s been a firearms enthusiast since he first learned to point his finger and say “bang.”

Manuel Lora works at Cornell University as a TV and multimedia producer. Don’t worry, New York, he and his guns live in sunny central Florida.