NFA Branch finishing last of pre-41F backlog

  With wait times having crept up to nearly a year, it appears that ATF’s NFA Branch is now nearly complete with ATF 41F paperwork backlog. Since last summer there has been a hard drought for dealers and manufacturers. With the SilencerCo Maxim and other new products now in stores, the prospect of quicker transactions […]

ATF eForms to become “FEAM,” still mostly vaporware

An email notice was sent out to eForms users today announcing a new name for the eForms system and promising new features including batch submission functionality and auto-approval of some ATF Forms 2 and 3. The agency, however, is pushing back the anticipated date for rollout of the new system, scrapping development work done to […]

ATF 41P: Reading the final rule

The newly published version of 27 CFR Part 479, the result of ATF 41P, is not a short read. In its 248 pages of double-spaced text, it describes existing regulations and the original agency proposal in August 2013. It includes reference to the many public comments and the agency’s rationale for various features of the final rule, and […]

ATF 41P: Final rule published

Monday, there was an important development relating to firearms regulated by the National Firearms Act. In 2013, ATF proposed a rule change known as “ATF 41P” that would modify what must be included with an application to make or transfer NFA items. An individual has to submit fingerprint cards, passport-style photos, and signatures from a […]

ATF publishes new eForms guide for 2015

As part of ATF’s email announcements to eForms users this morning, the agency also attached a copy of the latest eForms newsletter. It includes an updated version of the “eForms 101” guide first distributed at the end of 2013. Other thrilling topics include “FFL, EIN and AECA Associations” and what to expect when seeking an NFA […]

ATF: eForm 4 coming back late 2015

Earlier this morning, ATF dispatched an eForms update to users. In addition to providing performance figures for NFA Branch in processing paperwork (forms are now being processed faster than they are coming in), ATF also notes that they have reached their target staffing level of twenty-five examiners, made changes to office procedures, and are actively […]

Texas gun business melts down, dealer gets time for NFA items to boot

When Garrett Rediesel stopped returning calls about his customers’ guns, it was pretty clear that business at the Double D Gun Shop in Victoria, Texas was not on the up and up. Then, this past March, he got raided by the ATF and charged with possession of unregistered NFA items. Some customers still are not […]

Form 2 back on eForms

Sent out to ATF eForms users this afternoon: ATF is happy to inform the eForms user community that we have added the ATF Form 2 (5320.2) back to ATF eForms system.  The Form 2 can now be selected from the eForms carrousel [sic] for electronic submission. Thank you for your continued use and support of […]

Form 1 now available on eForms system

The following email was sent to ATF eForms users this afternoon: We are pleased to announce the following updates to the eForms system: 1.      Performance enhancements – We were able to address some of the technical issues.  You will see improvements in the overall performance of the system. 2.      We are able to add the ATF Form […]

ATF 41P delayed until 2015

Ever since the proposed rule change was announced last fall, ATF’s plan to revamp the application process for making and transferring National Firearms Act items has been causing quite a stir in this segment of the firearms industry. Application numbers that were already at record highs leapt even higher, and wait times were drawn out, […]