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ATF eForms system partially returns

 After taking down its buggy eForms system on April 4th, ATF has brought eForms back online—but only for Forms 6 and 6A for now. Users navigating to the eForms page are greeted with the message below, which indicates that this limited rollout of the eForms system will eventually be expanded to include other ATF forms, including […]

ATF takes down eForms “until further notice”

If you were hoping to submit a form electronically in order to cut your wait time, your window of opportunity may have just closed. ATF eForms users are being greeted with this message: The eForms software is not performing to our expectations.  As a result, we are taking the eForms system down until further notice.  We apologize for any […]

ATF plans scheduled restarts to beat eForms bugs

Registered eForms system users received this email from ATF today: As  you are aware, eForms has had performance issues for the past three weeks.  We are diligently working with experts in the field to resolve the issues. Until we can get the issues resolved we will be implementing automated restarts of the server at 4:00 am, 9:00 […]

An apologia for eForms

ATF eForms users received this message this morning from the agency explaining problems with the eForms system but touting the volume of applications that it is still managing to accept. Res ipsa loquitur.

More technical problems with ATF eForms

Because of the much shorter wait times it offers for the processing of NFA-related forms, the eForms system is the most celebrated accomplishment of the ATF in the last year (faint praise, given the unpleasant surprise of ATF 41P, and the generally anti-freedom mission of the whole agency). Unfortunately, as with other federal websites that are under […]

ATF publishes eForms 101

ATF eForms users received the December edition of eFormsNews via email on December 18th. This month’s issue provides guidance on using the expanded eForms system that was deployed over the summer. In fact, the entire issue is comprised on content on how to use the eForms system. The publication’s editor explains that “because of the large increase in […]

eForms system going down for maintenance

ATF eForms users received this outage notice this morning: Pardon the interruption! It has been brought to our attention that the eForms system is experiencing some technical difficulties this week.  In an attempt to remedy the problems we have determined that the best strategy would be to rebuild the system.  We will bring the system down at NOON today for it regularly […]

Only five days left to comment on ATF 41P

The American Silencer Association has published an excellent statement on ATF 41P. ASA is a heroic group that has met with great success this year in a number of states on silencer hunting bills and other important legislation for owners of firearms regulated by the National Firearms Act (NFA). ATF 41P is a proposed regulatory change to the NFA process that […]

New hires at ATF, but wait times absurd for foreseeable future

Over at The Truth About Guns, Nick Leghorn updates readers on ATF staffing and NFA wait times, and the picture is not pretty. He notes that wait times have gone from seven months for applications submitted early this year to an anticipated fifteen months for applications submitted today. Ballooning application numbers have swamped ATF’s NFA Branch, […]

eForms back online… along with the rest of ATF’s NFA Branch

Would-be ATF eForms users have been greeted with a shutdown notice as of late due to the government shutdown. With a deal struck between federal legislators, though, the eForms system is now back online. Several attempts to call NFA branch have been met with a recorded voicemail message, but I imagine that lots of eager […]