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“Shall sign” bill nears finish line in Kansas

The American Silencer Association is reporting that a bill requiring law enforcement officials to sign off on National Firearms Act applications for law-abiding Kansans is likely to reach the governor’s desk for a signature in the near future. The legislation, HB 2578, has already passed by unanimous votes in both houses of the Kansas Legislature and […]

Ohio lawmakers hit the range to learn about silencers

As floor debate likely approaches on legislation to legalize silencers for hunters in Ohio, some lawmakers recently went to the Black Wing Shooting Center for a demonstration. About ten legislators made the trip to watch and listen at an event organized by the Buckeye Firearms Association. Some of them even stepped to the firing line to get some hands-on […]

Silencer ownership up in Ohio, across the country

Silencers are selling like hotcakes, and the media is starting to take notice. In an article published on Tuesday, the Intelligencer/Wheeling News-Register informs readers in the Ohio Valley that most states do not prohibit silencers, and that more and more states are removing prohibitions on hunting with silencers. The paper reports that ATF has seen a substantial […]

Only five days left to comment on ATF 41P

The American Silencer Association has published an excellent statement on ATF 41P. ASA is a heroic group that has met with great success this year in a number of states on silencer hunting bills and other important legislation for owners of firearms regulated by the National Firearms Act (NFA). ATF 41P is a proposed regulatory change to the NFA process that […]

Video: SilencerCo on subcaliber hosts for .45 cans

New NFA Reviews site from creator of NFA Tracker

It is no secret that I am a fan of NFA Tracker, a fantastic site designed to allow NFA collectors to carefully keep track of their NFA application’s progress and predict when that tax stamp might arrive in light of recent trends. Though the self-reported, non-random samples don’t make for rigorous data collection, the aggregated […]

Machine gun shoot announced for Lancaster County, PA

Firearms lawyer Joshua Prince has been mentioned here before for his firm’s great work on ATF 41P, the proposed regulations that would make it impossible for many of us to acquire firearms regulated by the National Firearms Act. But Prince isn’t just a paper pusher—he likes to touch off a few rounds here and there, […]

Eastern Nebraska NFA demo shoot announced

To celebrate the first anniversary of their opening, Big Shots Indoor Range in Lincoln, Nebraska has announced a three-day open house sale and shooting event this weekend. On Sunday, October 13th, DE Guns will have a number of firearms available for demo shooting (provide your own ammo), and at the end of the day the […]

AAC rolls out “Stand Silent” promotion

In response to the new NFA regulatory proposal, AAC recently announced a promotion for October. AAC is trying to get more folks into a can before the market shrinks by virtue of the effective prohibition in markets with uncooperative law enforcement. Retail customers buying an AAC silencer or short rifle before October 25th are eligible […]

WSJ: “Silencers Loophole Targeted for Closure”

Following the talking points used by the New York Times back in February, the Wall Street Journal published an article on Thursday characterizing the ATF’s proposed regulations as closing a “loophole” in the federal firearms law. The Journal’s  Joe Palazzolo interviewed Silencer Shop’s Dave Matheny, who pointed out that the more restrictive regulations would amount to an effective prohibition in jurisdictions […]