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ATF 41P delayed until 2015

Ever since the proposed rule change was announced last fall, ATF’s plan to revamp the application process for making and transferring National Firearms Act items has been causing quite a stir in this segment of the firearms industry. Application numbers that were already at record highs leapt even higher, and wait times were drawn out, […]

Rifle + water bottle = unlawful silencer

A young man in Texas apparently took a page from the 2007 film Shooter in seeking to reduce the sound signature of his gun. Tyler Mann, 24, allegedly taped a plastic water bottle to the muzzle of his rifle before going out looking for dogs to shoot in Hardin County, Texas. After pulling Mann over for a […]

“Shall sign” bill nears finish line in Kansas

The American Silencer Association is reporting that a bill requiring law enforcement officials to sign off on National Firearms Act applications for law-abiding Kansans is likely to reach the governor’s desk for a signature in the near future. The legislation, HB 2578, has already passed by unanimous votes in both houses of the Kansas Legislature and […]

AR-15 Podcast: Silencers

Only five days left to comment on ATF 41P

The American Silencer Association has published an excellent statement on ATF 41P. ASA is a heroic group that has met with great success this year in a number of states on silencer hunting bills and other important legislation for owners of firearms regulated by the National Firearms Act (NFA). ATF 41P is a proposed regulatory change to the NFA process that […]

NY artist arrested for modified rifle

An artist who has created firearms-related mixed media artwork in the past is in hot water on Long Island. Police arrested Jameson S. Ellis last weekend in Sagaponack after a traffic stop. Officers claim that during the course of the stop, they saw a rifle in Ellis’s vehicle that they identified as having a barrel modified […]

Why we do the NFA paperwork shuffle

Occasionally, I talk to someone about the National Firearms Act registration process, with all of its hassles, and their response is “why not just skip the rigmarole?” The short answer, of course, is that staying legal, even when the laws you are obeying are stupid and unjust, has it benefits. As a firearms enthusiast, I […]