Nebraska legislator introduces ‘shall sign’ bill

Nebraska gun owners may find the National Firearms Act (NFA) registration process a little less frustrating if a new bill introduced today becomes law.  Senator Dave Bloomfield’s LB 603 would require chief local law enforcement officials (“CLEOs”) to accept and process federal forms requiring a CLEO certification in the same manner that they currently process applications for handgun […]

Ohio General Assembly Passes ‘Shall Sign’ and Suppressed Hunting Bill [UPDATED]

  [UPDATE2: On Friday, Governor John Kasich signed H. 234 into law.] [UPDATE: After the Senate vote in favor of House Bill 234 as amended, the Ohio House this afternoon voted to concur with the Senate and to pass the amended legislation. H. 234  now heads to the desk of Governor John Kasich, who is […]

Silencer hunting bill passes Ohio House

A bill that would legalize hunting with suppressed firearms has been passed by the Ohio House and is headed to the Senate. The bill’s introducer, State Rep. Cheryl Grossman from Grove City, cites hearing protection and nuisance abatement as reasons for ending the prohibition on the use of silencers while hunting. With a 73–14 vote […]

Michigan legalizes short-barreled rifles and shotguns

Michiganders will soon have a broader selection of firearms to choose from. The National Rifle Association is praising Governor Rick Snyder for signing Senate Bill 610, which removes the prohibition on short-barreled rifles and shotguns for gun owners in compliance with federal gun laws. The bill also provides that SBR and SBS owners in Michigan will […]

“Shall sign” bill nears finish line in Kansas

The American Silencer Association is reporting that a bill requiring law enforcement officials to sign off on National Firearms Act applications for law-abiding Kansans is likely to reach the governor’s desk for a signature in the near future. The legislation, HB 2578, has already passed by unanimous votes in both houses of the Kansas Legislature and […]

Utah “shall sign” bill goes to governor

The American Silencer Association is reporting that a bill that would make Utah a “shall sign” state for NFA purposes has cleared both houses of the state legislature and is headed for the governor’s desk. UTAH: SHALL SIGN BILL PASSES LEGISLATURE, GOES TO GOVERNOR Just before midnight on Thursday, the Utah State Senate voted unanimously […]

Utah bill would mean CLEO “shall sign” NFA applications

Utah is home to SilencerCo, one the fastest growing  silencer companies around. But apparently some Beehive State law enforcement officials still are not convinced that law-abiding Utahns should be able to thread on sound suppressors, and as a result some are refusing to sign forms related to items regulated by the National Firearms Act. That […]

Silencer hunting bill moves out of committee in Georgia

It has been a good couple of days for silencer advocates. Yesterday, an Iowa bill that would legalize silencers in the Hawkeye state moved out of committee. Today in Georgia, a bill to legalize hunting with silencers in that state has advanced out of  the Senate Natural Resources and Environment Committee. SB 93 would remove the […]

Iowa silencer bill advances from committee

The American Silencer Association reports that the Judiciary Committee of the Iowa General Assembly has advanced HF 384, which would legalize silencers in Iowa for those who are otherwise in compliance with the law, including the National Firearms Act. The bill can now be schedule for debate by the full Iowa House, but it still […]

Ohio lawmakers hit the range to learn about silencers

As floor debate likely approaches on legislation to legalize silencers for hunters in Ohio, some lawmakers recently went to the Black Wing Shooting Center for a demonstration. About ten legislators made the trip to watch and listen at an event organized by the Buckeye Firearms Association. Some of them even stepped to the firing line to get some hands-on […]