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Video: SilencerCo on subcaliber hosts for .45 cans

New hires at ATF, but wait times absurd for foreseeable future

Over at The Truth About Guns, Nick Leghorn updates readers on ATF staffing and NFA wait times, and the picture is not pretty. He notes that wait times have gone from seven months for applications submitted early this year to an anticipated fifteen months for applications submitted today. Ballooning application numbers have swamped ATF’s NFA Branch, […]

New NFA Reviews site from creator of NFA Tracker

It is no secret that I am a fan of NFA Tracker, a fantastic site designed to allow NFA collectors to carefully keep track of their NFA application’s progress and predict when that tax stamp might arrive in light of recent trends. Though the self-reported, non-random samples don’t make for rigorous data collection, the aggregated […]

NFA applications no longer being processed due to shutdown

According to a reader at The Firearm Blog, the eForms system isn’t the only part of ATF’s NFA branch that has ground to a halt during the government shutdown. I called [the BATFE] today and Vicky (a pleasant sounding lady who answered the phone) said they have been affected by the government shutdown.  Staff furloughed, no applications […]

Journey of an NFA newbie, Part I

I have been a firearms owner for several years but it was only recently that I became interested in National Firearms Act (“NFA”) weapons. Specifically, I wanted to learn more about suppressors. Suppressors or “silencers” fall under the same set of laws that also regulate short-barreled rifles, short-barreled shotguns, machine guns, destructive devices, and the […]

AAC rolls out “Stand Silent” promotion

In response to the new NFA regulatory proposal, AAC recently announced a promotion for October. AAC is trying to get more folks into a can before the market shrinks by virtue of the effective prohibition in markets with uncooperative law enforcement. Retail customers buying an AAC silencer or short rifle before October 25th are eligible […]

Get your NFA purchases sooner

Now that the floodgates have opened and new NFA buyers are turning out like never before, the NFA branch waiting game is getting longer and longer. As mentioned before, NFA Tracker tells the tale: the expected wait time for a Form 1 or Form 4 went from about six months for December 2012 submissions to […]

What is on your NFA wish list?

The rush is on to buy silencers, short rifles, and other National Firearms Act firearms. The popularity of this sector of the firearms market has been growing continuously as inflation has diminished the real value of the $200 tax stamp. Applications numbers have already been on a marked uptick since the beginning of the year, […]