Product reviews

Review: Mack Brothers Echo

After more than 125 years on the market, .22 Long Rifle still isn’t likely to fall out of fashion any time soon. The venerable old rimfire cartridge has been serving in roles ranging from training round to pest control for a long time. The traditional reason for the round’s popularity stems in large part from […]

Review: MGI MARCK-15 Hydra

Billed by its maker as “the most advanced modular AR-15 on the planet,” the MGI MARCK-15 Hydra Modular Weapons System is designed to allow the user to quickly change barrels and easily refit the firearm to accept different types of magazines. It accomplishes this by way of two key innovations: a modular lower receiver that […]

Review: Huntertown Arms Kestrel 5.56

When I finally decided to get a silencer in December 2012, I was not sure that I would be getting more than one. I was nervous about spending a lot of money, especially when the cost of every new silencer includes a mandatory two hundred dollar donation to the federal government. It seemed to me […]

What is on your NFA wish list?

The rush is on to buy silencers, short rifles, and other National Firearms Act firearms. The popularity of this sector of the firearms market has been growing continuously as inflation has diminished the real value of the $200 tax stamp. Applications numbers have already been on a marked uptick since the beginning of the year, […]