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Ohio General Assembly Passes ‘Shall Sign’ and Suppressed Hunting Bill [UPDATED]

  [UPDATE2: On Friday, Governor John Kasich signed H. 234 into law.] [UPDATE: After the Senate vote in favor of House Bill 234 as amended, the Ohio House this afternoon voted to concur with the Senate and to pass the amended legislation. H. 234  now heads to the desk of Governor John Kasich, who is […]

Florida ends ban on hearing-safe hunting

After a last-minute push by opponents (including at least one newspaper editorial board) to stall the proposal, Florida wildlife commissioners have ended their prohibition of hunting with suppressed firearms in Florida. The rule change is effective immediately. That means that hunters for Florida game currently in season can thread on their suppressors and head out for […]

Florida may end prohibition on hunting with silencers

Florida hunters may soon be able to wear their hearing protection on the end of their hunting rifles. According to the Sun-Sentinel, the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission is considering a change in their regulations to allow hunters to lawfully pursue “deer, turkey, gray squirrels, rabbits, quail and crows” while using firearms equipped with silencers. […]

SilencerCo announces ‘Salvo’ suppressor for shotguns

Silencer hunting bill passes Ohio House

A bill that would legalize hunting with suppressed firearms has been passed by the Ohio House and is headed to the Senate. The bill’s introducer, State Rep. Cheryl Grossman from Grove City, cites hearing protection and nuisance abatement as reasons for ending the prohibition on the use of silencers while hunting. With a 73–14 vote […]

Silencer hunting bill moves out of committee in Georgia

It has been a good couple of days for silencer advocates. Yesterday, an Iowa bill that would legalize silencers in the Hawkeye state moved out of committee. Today in Georgia, a bill to legalize hunting with silencers in that state has advanced out of  the Senate Natural Resources and Environment Committee. SB 93 would remove the […]

Ohio legislature considers silencer hunting bill

A hunter named Louis Knebel has apparently met with some success in working to end the prohibition on using silencers while hunting in Ohio. Unsurprisingly, his motive is a very simple one: to prevent hearing loss among his fellow hunters. He has been persuasive enough to convince Rep. Cheryl Grossman, a family friend, to introduce legislation […]

Machine gun shoot announced for Lancaster County, PA

Firearms lawyer Joshua Prince has been mentioned here before for his firm’s great work on ATF 41P, the proposed regulations that would make it impossible for many of us to acquire firearms regulated by the National Firearms Act. But Prince isn’t just a paper pusher—he likes to touch off a few rounds here and there, […]

Bluffs Shooters event in October

   NFA dealer Chad McCumbers out at The Gun Shop in Morrill, Nebraska has announced a two-day shooting event at Bluffs Shooters Range north of Scottsbluff on October 19th and 20th. The first day will feature a recreational machine gun shoot where folks can enjoy touching some rounds off with all different types of NFA […]