Florida ends ban on hearing-safe hunting


After a last-minute push by opponents (including at least one newspaper editorial board) to stall the proposal, Florida wildlife commissioners have ended their prohibition of hunting with suppressed firearms in Florida. The rule change is effective immediately. That means that hunters for Florida game currently in season can thread on their suppressors and head out for a hearing-friendly hunt this weekend.

In making their ruling, commissioners noted that suppressors reduce the report of gunshots but that even suppressed hunting firearms are still quite loud. Advocates note that this means that it will now be easier to talk to hunting companions, and that children will be less likely to be startled by muzzle noise when first learning to shoot and hunt.

An NRA-ILA update notes that the ruling only applies to “deer, gray squirrels, rabbits, wild turkeys, quail and crows,” since these were the only species for which suppressed firearms were prohibited before the new rule. All legal game in Florida that can be taken with a firearm can now be taken with a suppressed firearm.