New NFA Reviews site from creator of NFA Tracker

NFA Tracker

It is no secret that I am a fan of NFA Tracker, a fantastic site designed to allow NFA collectors to carefully keep track of their NFA application’s progress and predict when that tax stamp might arrive in light of recent trends. Though the self-reported, non-random samples don’t make for rigorous data collection, the aggregated data offer something more than anecdotal evidence of what current wait times look like.

As a long-time Wikipedia contributor, I’ve been on board with collaborative online projects for years. As a gun nerd, NFA Tracker appeals to my interest in data and it helps me bide my time while waiting for permission to enjoy my latest NFA item. (The trend graph is particularly telling, though a bit depressing.)

Now Erich, the creator of NFA Tracker, has introduced a sister site, NFA Reviews, to collect customer reviews of NFA dealers in each state.  Be sure to check it out and let other NFA collectors know about the experiences that you have had with dealers in your neck of the woods!