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Ohio General Assembly Passes ‘Shall Sign’ and Suppressed Hunting Bill [UPDATED]

  [UPDATE2: On Friday, Governor John Kasich signed H. 234 into law.] [UPDATE: After the Senate vote in favor of House Bill 234 as amended, the Ohio House this afternoon voted to concur with the Senate and to pass the amended legislation. H. 234  now heads to the desk of Governor John Kasich, who is […]

Silencer hunting bill passes Ohio House

A bill that would legalize hunting with suppressed firearms has been passed by the Ohio House and is headed to the Senate. The bill’s introducer, State Rep. Cheryl Grossman from Grove City, cites hearing protection and nuisance abatement as reasons for ending the prohibition on the use of silencers while hunting. With a 73–14 vote […]

Ohio lawmakers hit the range to learn about silencers

As floor debate likely approaches on legislation to legalize silencers for hunters in Ohio, some lawmakers recently went to the Black Wing Shooting Center for a demonstration. About ten legislators made the trip to watch and listen at an event organized by the Buckeye Firearms Association. Some of them even stepped to the firing line to get some hands-on […]

Silencer ownership up in Ohio, across the country

Silencers are selling like hotcakes, and the media is starting to take notice. In an article published on Tuesday, the Intelligencer/Wheeling News-Register informs readers in the Ohio Valley that most states do not prohibit silencers, and that more and more states are removing prohibitions on hunting with silencers. The paper reports that ATF has seen a substantial […]

Ohio legislature considers silencer hunting bill

A hunter named Louis Knebel has apparently met with some success in working to end the prohibition on using silencers while hunting in Ohio. Unsurprisingly, his motive is a very simple one: to prevent hearing loss among his fellow hunters. He has been persuasive enough to convince Rep. Cheryl Grossman, a family friend, to introduce legislation […]