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Nebraska legislator introduces ‘shall sign’ bill

Nebraska gun owners may find the National Firearms Act (NFA) registration process a little less frustrating if a new bill introduced today becomes law.  Senator Dave Bloomfield’s LB 603 would require chief local law enforcement officials (“CLEOs”) to accept and process federal forms requiring a CLEO certification in the same manner that they currently process applications for handgun […]

“Shall sign” bill nears finish line in Kansas

The American Silencer Association is reporting that a bill requiring law enforcement officials to sign off on National Firearms Act applications for law-abiding Kansans is likely to reach the governor’s desk for a signature in the near future. The legislation, HB 2578, has already passed by unanimous votes in both houses of the Kansas Legislature and […]

Utah “shall sign” bill goes to governor

The American Silencer Association is reporting that a bill that would make Utah a “shall sign” state for NFA purposes has cleared both houses of the state legislature and is headed for the governor’s desk. UTAH: SHALL SIGN BILL PASSES LEGISLATURE, GOES TO GOVERNOR Just before midnight on Thursday, the Utah State Senate voted unanimously […]