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SilencerCo announces ‘Salvo’ suppressor for shotguns

SilencerCo and Noveske teaming up

“Synergy.” SilencerCo and Noveske brass think they have found some. They sent out a press release today announcing a partnership between their companies. Among other changes, Noveske says that all of its future rifle offerings will feature SilencerCo muzzle devices, making their rifles silencer-ready from the factory. SilencerCo will be using Noveske gear for live […]

AR-15 podcast: Interview with SilencerCo CEO

Video: SilencerCo on subcaliber hosts for .45 cans

What is on your NFA wish list?

The rush is on to buy silencers, short rifles, and other National Firearms Act firearms. The popularity of this sector of the firearms market has been growing continuously as inflation has diminished the real value of the $200 tax stamp. Applications numbers have already been on a marked uptick since the beginning of the year, […]