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An apologia for eForms

ATF eForms users received this message this morning from the agency explaining problems with the eForms system but touting the volume of applications that it is still managing to accept. Res ipsa loquitur.

More technical problems with ATF eForms

Because of the much shorter wait times it offers for the processing of NFA-related forms, the eForms system is the most celebrated accomplishment of the ATF in the last year (faint praise, given the unpleasant surprise of ATF 41P, and the generally anti-freedom mission of the whole agency). Unfortunately, as with other federal websites that are under […]

Only five days left to comment on ATF 41P

The American Silencer Association has published an excellent statement on ATF 41P. ASA is a heroic group that has met with great success this year in a number of states on silencer hunting bills and other important legislation for owners of firearms regulated by the National Firearms Act (NFA). ATF 41P is a proposed regulatory change to the NFA process that […]

New hires at ATF, but wait times absurd for foreseeable future

Over at The Truth About Guns, Nick Leghorn updates readers on ATF staffing and NFA wait times, and the picture is not pretty. He notes that wait times have gone from seven months for applications submitted early this year to an anticipated fifteen months for applications submitted today. Ballooning application numbers have swamped ATF’s NFA Branch, […]

eForms back online… along with the rest of ATF’s NFA Branch

Would-be ATF eForms users have been greeted with a shutdown notice as of late due to the government shutdown. With a deal struck between federal legislators, though, the eForms system is now back online. Several attempts to call NFA branch have been met with a recorded voicemail message, but I imagine that lots of eager […]

NFA applications no longer being processed due to shutdown

According to a reader at The Firearm Blog, the eForms system isn’t the only part of ATF’s NFA branch that has ground to a halt during the government shutdown. I called [the BATFE] today and Vicky (a pleasant sounding lady who answered the phone) said they have been affected by the government shutdown.  Staff furloughed, no applications […]

Journey of an NFA newbie, Part I

I have been a firearms owner for several years but it was only recently that I became interested in National Firearms Act (“NFA”) weapons. Specifically, I wanted to learn more about suppressors. Suppressors or “silencers” fall under the same set of laws that also regulate short-barreled rifles, short-barreled shotguns, machine guns, destructive devices, and the […]

ATF deep-sixes eForms due to shutdown

The above takedown notice is now greeting folks who try to use the newly upgraded ATF eForms system. ATF is asserting that this is a result of the government shutdown. This is a particularly unfortunate development, because it appeared that the eForms system was greatly accelerating the NFA registration process, eliminating as much as two months […]

WSJ: “Silencers Loophole Targeted for Closure”

Following the talking points used by the New York Times back in February, the Wall Street Journal published an article on Thursday characterizing the ATF’s proposed regulations as closing a “loophole” in the federal firearms law. The Journal’s  Joe Palazzolo interviewed Silencer Shop’s Dave Matheny, who pointed out that the more restrictive regulations would amount to an effective prohibition in jurisdictions […]

Get your NFA purchases sooner

Now that the floodgates have opened and new NFA buyers are turning out like never before, the NFA branch waiting game is getting longer and longer. As mentioned before, NFA Tracker tells the tale: the expected wait time for a Form 1 or Form 4 went from about six months for December 2012 submissions to […]