Texas gun business melts down, dealer gets time for NFA items to boot

When Garrett Rediesel stopped returning calls about his customers’ guns, it was pretty clear that business at the Double D Gun Shop in Victoria, Texas was not on the up and up. Then, this past March, he got raided by the ATF and charged with possession of unregistered NFA items. Some customers still are not […]

Silencer hunting bill passes Ohio House

A bill that would legalize hunting with suppressed firearms has been passed by the Ohio House and is headed to the Senate. The bill’s introducer, State Rep. Cheryl Grossman from Grove City, cites hearing protection and nuisance abatement as reasons for ending the prohibition on the use of silencers while hunting. With a 73–14 vote […]

AR-15 Podcast: Silencers

Ohio lawmakers hit the range to learn about silencers

As floor debate likely approaches on legislation to legalize silencers for hunters in Ohio, some lawmakers recently went to the Black Wing Shooting Center for a demonstration. About ten legislators made the trip to watch and listen at an event organized by the Buckeye Firearms Association. Some of them even stepped to the firing line to get some hands-on […]

NC newspaper: Hearing impaired hunters safer than silencers

Being acquainted with hunting, firearms, and silencers before writing an article about them seems like a good idea, right? The editorial board of Raleigh’s News Observer would beg to differ. According to an unsigned editorial from the Sunday edition, when the state legislature lifted the state’s silencer hunting ban this past spring, it put the public […]

WSJ: “Silencers Loophole Targeted for Closure”

Following the talking points used by the New York Times back in February, the Wall Street Journal published an article on Thursday characterizing the ATF’s proposed regulations as closing a “loophole” in the federal firearms law. The Journal’s  Joe Palazzolo interviewed Silencer Shop’s Dave Matheny, who pointed out that the more restrictive regulations would amount to an effective prohibition in jurisdictions […]

NYT reporter discovers gun trusts, cries “loophole”

In an article in today’s New York Times, Erica Goode characterizes gun trusts as exploiting a loophole in the federal firearms law. Goode’s article does, however, reference Florida attorney David Goldman, who is cited extensively in the article, and to good effect. Goldman notes the importance of gun trusts as an estate planning tool for assets that are extensively […]