Public relations

SilencerCo and Noveske teaming up

“Synergy.” SilencerCo and Noveske brass think they have found some. They sent out a press release today announcing a partnership between their companies. Among other changes, Noveske says that all of its future rifle offerings will feature SilencerCo muzzle devices, making their rifles silencer-ready from the factory. SilencerCo will be using Noveske gear for live […]

Michigan legalizes short-barreled rifles and shotguns

Michiganders will soon have a broader selection of firearms to choose from. The National Rifle Association is praising Governor Rick Snyder for signing Senate Bill 610, which removes the prohibition on short-barreled rifles and shotguns for gun owners in compliance with federal gun laws. The bill also provides that SBR and SBS owners in Michigan will […]

Ohio lawmakers hit the range to learn about silencers

As floor debate likely approaches on legislation to legalize silencers for hunters in Ohio, some lawmakers recently went to the Black Wing Shooting Center for a demonstration. About ten legislators made the trip to watch and listen at an event organized by the Buckeye Firearms Association. Some of them even stepped to the firing line to get some hands-on […]

Silencer ownership up in Ohio, across the country

Silencers are selling like hotcakes, and the media is starting to take notice. In an article published on Tuesday, the Intelligencer/Wheeling News-Register informs readers in the Ohio Valley that most states do not prohibit silencers, and that more and more states are removing prohibitions on hunting with silencers. The paper reports that ATF has seen a substantial […]

ASA lobbyist talks about winning silencer strategy

In the silencer industry, this year has been a year of creeping bureaucracy, with nasty proposed regulations pending at ATF and ever-increasing paperwork processing times. But 2013 has otherwise been a good one for the silencer industry, which continues to grow. SilencerCo was even recognized by Inc. magazine as one of the “Top 500 Fasting Growing […]

Silencer industry org hires lobbyists

Politico published an item today noting that members of the seasoned legislative relations team at Shockley Scofield Solutions (S-3 Group) have registered as lobbyists for the American Silencer Association. ASA is an industry advocacy group formed by companies including AAC, Gemtech, and Silencerco. S-3’s point men for this project seem to have the experience to tackle the job: John Scofield is a […]

NYT reporter discovers gun trusts, cries “loophole”

In an article in today’s New York Times, Erica Goode characterizes gun trusts as exploiting a loophole in the federal firearms law. Goode’s article does, however, reference Florida attorney David Goldman, who is cited extensively in the article, and to good effect. Goldman notes the importance of gun trusts as an estate planning tool for assets that are extensively […]