Texas gun business melts down, dealer gets time for NFA items to boot


When Garrett Rediesel stopped returning calls about his customers’ guns, it was pretty clear that business at the Double D Gun Shop in Victoria, Texas was not on the up and up. Then, this past March, he got raided by the ATF and charged with possession of unregistered NFA items. Some customers still are not sure when they will get their property back.

The unregistered NFA items found in Rediesel’s possession include two short shotguns and two short-barreled rifles. Customers of the shop who are still waiting to see their property returned may have a long wait. But the story serves as a reminder that violations of the National Firearms Act are no joke. Instead of spending $800 on tax stamps, Rediesel will now spend two years in federal prison.


Florida may end prohibition on hunting with silencers

Florida Deer

Florida hunters may soon be able to wear their hearing protection on the end of their hunting rifles. According to the Sun-Sentinel, the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission is considering a change in their regulations to allow hunters to lawfully pursue “deer, turkey, gray squirrels, rabbits, quail and crows” while using firearms equipped with silencers.

The representative from the Wildlife Commission who was interviewed for the article seems to have a healthy understanding of what these devices can and cannot do.

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SilencerCo announces ‘Salvo’ suppressor for shotguns

Form 2 back on eForms

ATF eForms

Sent out to ATF eForms users this afternoon:

ATF is happy to inform the eForms user community that we have added the ATF Form 2 (5320.2) back to ATF eForms system.  The Form 2 can now be selected from the eForms carrousel [sic] for electronic submission.

Thank you for your continued use and support of ATF eForms.

ATF Form 2 is used by FFLs who import or manufacture items regulated by the National Firearms Act.

Review: Mack Brothers Echo

Mack Brothers Echo

After more than 125 years on the market, .22 Long Rifle still isn’t likely to fall out of fashion any time soon. The venerable old rimfire cartridge has been serving in roles ranging from training round to pest control for a long time. The traditional reason for the round’s popularity stems in large part from its tame recoil and cheap price per round. While the little .22 is as tame as ever, it has recently been in relatively short supply.

Despite the drought experienced in the ammo market over the past eighteen months, .22LR ammunition is still available, especially for buyers willing to plan ahead. Folks who want to avoid camping out at Walmart waiting for new inventory to come out in the sporting goods department can use aggregator sites like gunbot.net to find sellers with ammunition in stock and at the best price per round.

The round is pleasant to shoot, with an all-day range trip leaving nary a mark on the shooter’s shoulder. This is especially important for children and for new shooters who might be spooked by a big boom and a heavy recoil impulse. Silencers make the round even more user-friendly, with effective cans further taming the already modest muzzle blast. With subsonic ammunition and a hearing safety device threaded onto the muzzle, .22 LR is no louder than a pellet gun.

While the National Firearms Act tax man still demands the same $200 for the transfer of rimfire suppressors as is required for bigger bore cans, the purchase price is so cheap that almost anyone can afford to dip a toe into the rimfire end of the NFA pool. The Echo by Mack Brothers of Sturgis, South Dakota goes for a suggested retail price of $345.

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Form 1 now available on eForms system

The following email was sent to ATF eForms users this afternoon:

We are pleased to announce the following updates to the eForms system:

1.      Performance enhancements – We were able to address some of the technical issues.  You will see improvements in the overall performance of the system.

2.      We are able to add the ATF Form 1 back to the eForms system.  Our plans are to closely monitor the performance of the system in order to determine if we will be able to add additional forms back to the system.

Below is an update on the status on our processing of paper and electronic NFA applications. 

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Review: MGI MARCK-15 Hydra

MGI Hydra configured as 7.62x39mm SBR

Billed by its maker as “the most advanced modular AR-15 on the planet,” the MGI MARCK-15 Hydra Modular Weapons System is designed to allow the user to quickly change barrels and easily refit the firearm to accept different types of magazines. It accomplishes this by way of two key innovations: a modular lower receiver that allows different magazine wells to be installed, and a proprietary upper receiver that utilizes a unique locking assembly that allows barrels to be quickly installed and removed.

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ATF 41P delayed until 2015


Ever since the proposed rule change was announced last fall, ATF’s plan to revamp the application process for making and transferring National Firearms Act items has been causing quite a stir in this segment of the firearms industry. Application numbers that were already at record highs leapt even higher, and wait times were drawn out, too (though staffing increases at NFA Branch and the on-again, off-again eForms system have started whittling away at those wait times). Many consumers went ahead and made purchases that they had been waiting for, conscious of the fact that—for residents of jurisdictions with unfriendly law enforcement—there might not be an opportunity to legally acquire NFA items in the future.

The original published timeline for ATF’s proposed changes, dubbed “ATF 41P,” was for the standard ninety day notice and comment period to run at the end of 2013, and for the changes to be implemented early this year. After over nine thousand public comments were submitted to the federal bureaucracy, the rulemaking notice was updated with a June 2014 projected completion date. Many folks were treating June as the new zero hour for NFA purchases.

Public comments by ATF since the beginning of the year have hinted at the fact that the agency was overwhelmed with the task of formulating required responses to these comments. Now, ATF has updated the status of the proposed rule and published a projected final action date of January 2015. As Firearm Industry Consulting Group attorney Tom Odom points out, there are plenty of defects in the way that the ATF has handled this rulemaking process, if the agency chooses to go forward on the proposal and the new regulations must be challenged in court. Regardless, it looks like there is some more time on the clock for buyers still hoping to complete additional NFA transactions before the new rules are promulgated.

SilencerCo and Noveske teaming up


“Synergy.” SilencerCo and Noveske brass think they have found some. They sent out a press release today announcing a partnership between their companies.

Among other changes, Noveske says that all of its future rifle offerings will feature SilencerCo muzzle devices, making their rifles silencer-ready from the factory. SilencerCo will be using Noveske gear for live fire demonstrations and creation of web content.

Read the full presser after the break.

By the way, is that a new, more rollmark-friendly SilencerCo logo?

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AR-15 podcast: Interview with SilencerCo CEO